About Us


Stepping Out Podiatry was first established in Landsborough in 2003 by Carly O’Donoghue (nee Platt). Initially operating out of the Landsborough Medical Centre 2 days a week, over the last 10 years Carly has grown the practice enough to service the entire Hinterland. At present Stepping Out Podiatry practices out of its own premise at Landsborough on a full time basis, and also in the locations of Beerwah and Maleny part time.

With a staff of five, Stepping Out Podiatry is geared to providing the best podiatry services to the Hinterland community and is committed to continually updating their equipment and podiatry knowledge to always provide the latest technology and evidenced based treatments.


Podiatrists are qualified health professionals who undertake a minimum of 4 years of tertiary education at university. They are foot and ankle specialists who conduct:

  • Biomechanical analysis of the lower limbs (assessing the walking/ running patterns and how the foot, ankle, knee and legs work in alignment with each other)
  • Diagnose and treat all injuries of the lower leg
  • Neurological (nerve) and Vascular (arteries) assessments
  • Design custom orthotic devices to go into your shoes to help realign your feet and legs
  • Paediatric gait & lower limb assessments
  • Local anaesthesia administration & nail surgery / nail bracing
  • Debridement of callous / corns
  • Diagnose and treat nail conditions