Shockwave Therapy

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Need to get back to living 


Read on…Shockwave Therapy may be your answer.

Introducing Shockwave Therapy.

Shockwave Therapy is where radial shockwaves are transmitted through the surface of the skin, producing an increased healing response in the body.

You may only need one or two sessions, depending on the site of pain and how long you have had it (how chronic your pain is). 

Some chronic injuries may take up to six sessions, however you will notice a difference after the first one or two sessions in most cases.

Shockwave Therapy speeds up the healing process.

This therapy is usually be combined with other therapies such as orthotics, dry needling, massage or strapping.

Success Stories

Heel Pain          Nerve pain

Calf Pain          Shin splints

Arch discomfort         Achilles Tendonitis