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Don’t be scared! It’s just a bone!

A bunion is a bony growth that occurs when one bone decides to go one way, and the adjoining bone decides to go the other way!    A few reasons why you could have a bunion or be in the running to get one are:

  • Genetics (your Mum, Dad or Grandparents)
  • Footwear (pointed toe shoes are the culprit!)
  • Feet the roll inwards / Fallen arches

Genetics…well you can’t choose your family…but you can help prevent bunions from getting worse by choosing the correct footwear and also using a prescription orthotic to align the foot. If your foot rolls inwards (flat feet) then your boney growth is likely to grow bigger, so foot exercises to strengthen your arch, and also prescription orthotics to straighten your foot is highly recommended. 

It might even be that your hip is out of alignment making your whole leg rotate inwards – causing a bunion.  Don’t worry! We will sort out the causes and any imbalances as we are experts at this!