What is a Neuroma?

Neuromas are a thickening of a nerve in between the long bones in the foot called metatarsals.  Due to this compression the nerve inflames and can produce burning, tingling and/or numbness in the toes or around the compressed nerve site.  Neuromas in the forefoot are usually caused by tight-fitting shoes, incorrect foot posture, or due to repetitive activity such as running or high-intensity activities.

This pathology can be quite painful and debilitating if not managed well. Our expert podiatrists at Stepping Out Podiatry will discuss your history and symptoms, and together with a thorough hands-on assessment will be able to make a diagnosis of your forefoot pain. Once a diagnosis has been made, an appropriate and specific treatment plan can commence. This plan may include:

  • Footwear changes – to address any potential causes of the problem
  • Padding and strapping – for temporary relief
  • Custom orthotic therapy – to release the compressed nerve
  • Shockwave therapy – to kickstart healing and decrease symptoms
  • Discussion on potential surgical interventions.

Treatment Options

Shockwave Therapy

SHOCKWAVE THERAPY is proven to increase the healing at and around the neuroma site and decrease associated pain. For neuroma treatment, it is fast and effective however it is an adjunct treatment alongside other treatment interventions including orthoses. Your podiatrist will discuss shockwave treatment with you as part of your overall neuroma treatment plan.

Orthotic Therapy

ORTHOTIC THERAPY is a recommended part of the treatment plan for neuromas. They will be designed to reduce compression on the affected nerve/s which will reduce your pain.


Your podiatrist will thoroughly assess your footwear to determine whether any shoes are the cause of your neuroma. They will also explain the pros and cons of your existing shoes for managing neuromas most effectively. If necessary, your podiatrist will also make recommendations on footwear that may be more appropriate for your foot type and neuroma treatment.


Padding may be applied to either your footwear liners or to your foot directly with the intention of deflecting pressure away from the forefoot and reducing compression on the affected nerve/s. The padding will provide you with temporary but immediate relief of your symptoms.