Heel Pain

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Do your feet hurt every step you take?


Are you limping out of bed first step of the morning?

We can help you.

There are many reasons why your heel may be sore, and rarely it is pain associated with a heel spur – commonly associated with Heel Pain when you google this.

As Foot Experts we treat a condition called Plantar Fasciits which is around 70% of the heel pain we see in the clinic.

When inflammation occurs around the heel bone, this causes you pain when you walk! OUCH!  

Treatment is needed to reduce inflammation and prevent the pain from reoccuring.


1. Non-supportive shoes or shoes that have lost their cushioning.

2. Stress on the arch muscles from standing too long.

3. An increase in exercise.

4. Fallen arches causing the muscles to overload.

Most of the time it can be a combination of all of the above.


The treatment of Heel Pain is determined by how long you have had pain taking into account the reasons (above causes) why you have pain in the first place.

Orthotic Therapy, Shockwave Therapy, Footwear, strapping the heel and arch for support, stretching your muscles to create more flexibility, and icing your heel all play a role in your recovery.

Below are a few treatment options that we commonly use in the clinic to get results.

Lets get you back to what you want to do in life – pain free!

Shockwave Therapy

SHOCKWAVE THERAPY is proven to increase the healing properties of the tissues and decrease the levels of pain within the heel.  This treatment is very successful and can speed up your recovery. 

It is not indicated for everyone however your Podiatrist may recommend this therapy as part of your treatment pathway.

Orthotic Therapy

ORTHOTIC THERAPY is a recommended part of the treatment pathway if there is a structural reason you are in pain.  This means that if it is the way your foot is moving that is causing excess pressure on your heel, then support is needed.

Orthotics provide a cradle effect under you foot to help support you.

Massage Ball

Using a MASSAGE BALL is one of the most cost effective, easy to use treatment for sore feet.  By rolling a golf ball, tennis ball or rehabilitation ball under your foot – all the way from the back of your heel to the toes – you will be relieving tight muscles.  Tight muscles can cause inflammation so we want to get as much flexibility into your feet as possible.

Orthotic Therapy

STRAPPING is one of the treatments that we use at Stepping Out Podiatry to relieve your heel pain by taking excess pressure away from the pain sight. 

Strapping also helps support other structures of your foot when you walk, therefore decreasing the inflammation.