Knee Pain: Could it be Related to Your Foot Function?

Knee pain can be caused from all sorts of mechanical issues with ligaments, wear and tear and injury. But have you ever thought that your knee pain could be caused by your feet?

When you think about it…it does make a lot of sense. Your feet are connected to your ankles, which are connected to your knees, which are connected to your hips and lower back…all the way up to your neck.

If your feet are not functioning at their best, this can have a flow on effect to joints further up the chain, including the knees.

In very basics terms, if your feet roll inwards too much this can cause the ankle and lower leg to twist inwards, changing the alignment in your knee.

If your feet roll outwards too much this can cause the ankle and lower leg to twist outwards, again changing the alignment in your knee in the opposite way.

This results in a knee joint which continues to work but in an inefficient way and can potentially cause a variety of knee pathologies.

OESTEOARTHRTIS  of the knee joint is very common and helping the knee to function more efficiently is where Stepping Out Podiatry on the Sunshine Coasts are experts in providing this care for you.


We can assess whether your foot posture may be contributing to your knee pain and devise an appropriate treatment plan for you in conjunction with your Doctor and other allied health practitioners.

We can prescribe strengthening exercises, prescribe appropriate footwear and use orthotic therapy to optimise the function in your feet and get results for your knee pain as a result.

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Treatment Options

Shockwave Therapy

SHOCKWAVE THERAPY is proven to increase the healing properties of the tissues and decrease the levels of pain within the area.  This treatment is very successful and can speed up your recovery. 

It is great for knee pain however your podiatrist will need to assess you first to see if it is the right treatment path for you.

Orthotic Therapy


You may be thinking why orthotics for my knee? A custom foot orthotic with specific features such as lateral wedging, can change the position of the foot to open up the medial knee joint when walking.

This can overall reduce strain and pressure on the knee and may prevent further compensations.

Exercise Programs

Strengthening the surrounding areas to optimise mechanics and improve muscle function when walking.


STRAPPING is one of the treatments that we use at Stepping Out Podiatry to relieve your knee pain by taking excess pressure away from the pain sight.