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Here on the Sunshine Coast we are lucky to have access to hundreds of incredible hiking trails. Hiking is not only enjoyable but is a terrific way to be physically active and improve mental health. It is an activity which really doesn’t require much in the way of equipment or gear, other than a great pair of hiking shoes or boots and good quality socks.

 Why do I need to see a Podiatrist?

At Stepping Out Podiatry we help both the novice-hiker to the globe-trotting ultra trail competitors and everyone in between. We can advise on everything hiking related – from injury prevention and blister management, to choosing the right hiking shoe for your foot type. If an injury occurs we are you first point of call to get you back on the trails as soon as possible.

 Things to consider as a hiker

Keeping your feet and legs strong is paramount in injury prevention when hiking. Your ability, endurance and stability can all be negatively affected if we don’t prepare adequately and maintain strength. If you want to undertake long hikes or those trails with varied terrain, we can recommend specific exercises to target the glutes, quads, hamstrings, ankles and feet to help you reach these goals as safely as possible.


Footwear choices are vital when it comes to hiking in comfort. There are  hundreds of hiking shoes and boots on the market and not all are appropriate for every person or foot type. Our Podiatrists here at Stepping Out Podiatry on the Sunshine Coast can help make this decision easier with recommendations on style and important features that your feet in particular would benefit from.

Kokoda track Mt Cootha

What sets us apart…

Stockist of Injinji toe socks

Injinji socks are a technical sock best known for their individual 5-toe sock design. They are designed and manufactured to assist with keeping your feet comfortable and safe when active. They may look strange but give them a chance and you will probably be converted! For sale in our Landsborough and Kawana clinics.

Balance, stability, proprioception.

All words to describe an integral skill needed for most physical activities, including hiking. With aging and through injury, balance can also be lost but fortunately we do have the ability to regain this.

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Lace locking for hiking

Walking up and down trails is a demanding exercise where being locked into your shoe is crucial for both protection and performance. Learn varies ways to tie your laces through these links below:

Prevention of the dreaded blister!

Well, first we need to understand why blisters form. The action of skin sliding over bone, is what result in a blisters.

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