What is Arch Pain?

Arch pain is the pain you experience in the middle of your foot (between the ball of your foot and your heel) and is different then heel pain.  Arch pain can be cause from a variety of reasons including bone fractures, muscle tears, over pronation (rolling in) or your foot compensating for poor biomechanics (how your foot and lower leg move when walking). 


Typically arch pain is a result of a combination of factors which may include your:

  • Foot biomechanics / posture (those who have a very low or very high arch may be more prone to arch pain)
  • Activities (including sports or hobbies) and how frequently you do them
  • Work activities (standing or walking for long periods where your feet fatigue more)
  • Work environment (hard / concrete flooring is more taxing on the feet than carpeted flooring)
  • Footwear choices (having the right shoe for the right foot and activity is so important)

The podiatrists at Stepping Out Podiatry on the Sunshine Coast are able assess your feet, get them feeling better and keep them that way so you can continue with your home and work life activities pain free! We will look at the shoes you currently wear and if they are appropriate for the activity, we can also use padding and strapping as a temporary measure to relieve your symptoms immediately.  An ultrasound or x-ray may be needed if we feel that there may be a stress fracture or torn muscle. We may also use shockwave therapy to give you immediate relief and provide options for a custom orthotic if your pain is coming from poor foot function.

Treatment Options

Shockwave Therapy

SHOCKWAVE THERAPY is proven to increase healing and decrease associated pain. For arch pain management, it can be a fast and effective treatment intervention, however it is an adjunct therapy alongside other treatments including footwear and orthoses. Your podiatrist will discuss shockwave treatment with you as part of your overall arch pain treatment plan.

Orthotic Therapy

ORTHOTIC THERAPY may be recommended as part of your treatment plan to resolve arch pain. They will be designed to support the soft tissue structures in your arch for the long term and address any biomechanical factors contributing to your pain.


Your podiatrist will thoroughly assess your footwear to determine whether any of your shoes are the cause of your arch pain and, if necessary, may give you recommendations on footwear that might be more appropriate.


STRAPPING may be applied to your feet with the intention of temporarily supporting and relieving the soft tissue structures in the arch. Although temporary, strapping can immediately improve your arch pain symptoms and kickstart the healing process.

See our strapping video below.