Save time and money with the foot experts.

21 July 2023

With the abundance of information available to us on the internet it is often difficult to discern how best to treat our foot and ankle aches and pains. Varying levels of successful treatment can come down to finding the correct cause of why you are experiencing this pain in the first place, which is exactly the main role of a Podiatrist – not Google, not your neighbour, and not any other health provider.  Other professionals may look at your symptoms, and perhaps give you general advice.  The role of a Podiatrist is to look at both symptoms and the cause, and give you a diagnosis base on those two factors.  By making your first step to recovery a Podiatry appointment, you reduce the potential financial cost of bouncing around to other health professionals, only to end up back at the Podiatrist.   Now is the time to stop wasting your time and your money.

But I don’t know much about Podiatrists?

Podiatrists are experts at the foot and ankle, and diagnosing the cause of bone or muscular pain is their specialty. Podiatry is a four year degree at University focusing on the lower limb, and then yearly continued education to advance skill sets relating to the most current forms of best practice treatments. 

Think of it this way, if you have tooth pain would you see a Dentist, or your GP?  You don’t need a referral to a Podiatrist, so if you have a foot or ankle problem, why wouldn’t you see a Podiatrists who is the foot and ankle expert?

Many health professionals treat a few areas of the body, but only one health professional’s job is to master the foot and ankle – Podiatrists.  Your money is worth more to you than spending it on a general opinion, rather than an experts opinion. 

What it may cost you not to see a Podiatrist…

Seeing a Podiatrist first and receiving the correct treatment straight away can eliminate the inconvenience of debilitating foot pain, which can lead to time away from work , or preventing you returning to your normal exercise regime. 

You might only need to spend 1-3 treatments with a Podiatrists, which at first may sound expensive, however have you added up the costs of spending money over a few months on internet promises or sub-par quality products, only to then go back to a health professional and start all over again?

You don’t need to live with foot pain – you just need to visit Stepping Out Podiatry.