Feet that last a lifetime…

18 May 2023

It is no secret that as we get older, our bodies start to tire more easily – and the feet are no exception! Think of your age right now – this is the number of years your feet have been holding up your body during the day, walking, running, and squashing themselves into the shoes of your choice.

One out of five people will experience foot pain in their lifetime. We assume our feet will keep working for us until the end of our lives…but what if they don’t?

Think about what you couldn’t do without your feet…

Below are four things you can check right now to see how healthy your feet are:

1. Callus: Do you have cracks in the skin, especially around the heel (this can lead to infection).

2. Footwear: Are your shoes more than 1 year old? Do your feet hurt when wearing your shoes?

3. Pain: Do you have pain in your feet when you walk? Does this pain stop you from living your best life?

4. Ingrown nails: Is there any redness, pain, or infection around the edges of your nails?

It is not too late to look after your feet and show them some love!

As we age, our feet change shape and so our footwear must change too. Circulation can be impeded so exercising helps with blood flow around your body.  There are many changes to your body as we age and your feet may be the first indication of what is going on. 

You will know it is time to see your podiatrist if:

  1. You can’t reach or see your feet to clean or cut your nails.
  2. Your feet are sore every time you put shoes on.
  3. Your feet feel numb.
  4. The pain in your feet stop you from doing what you want to do.

You don’t have to live with foot pain, and getting older isn’t an excuse for unhealthy feet.

Your feet are our focus and we love what we do at Stepping Out Podiatry. Let’s get you moving again so you can enjoy life to the fullest!

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