Cortisone and Heel Pain

13 February 2023

MYTH: Cortisone Injections will fix my heel pain once and for all!

A cortisone injection is used for a small number of people that do not respond to typical conservative treatment for heel pain, and this is more of a symptom relief rather than a fix. For example, it may be used in extreme cases to reduce pain and let the individual function so that he/she can complete their rehabilitation program along with orthotic therapy.

In most cases, it just masks the problem, rather than fixing it – especially if your pain is due to your biomechanics or a foot strength deficit.

So, when that cortisone injection wears thin, you are usually back to square one.

In some cases, cortisone injections may be detrimental to some patients. Sometimes the cortisone can mask the symptoms – causing people to overload their plantar fascia even further – which will result in more harm to the structure.

Another disadvantage is that it can weaken the tissue and make it more prone to rupture.

Now in saying all of this, cortisone injections do work for some people and in some cases relief may be in the form of a few months. But just be aware of what the outcome is you want to achieve before going down this path, as heel pain does come back if the original cause is not addressed.