18 January 2023

Why should I wear tennis shoes for tennis?

The best way to answer this is to compare a tennis shoe to the most common sporting shoe: The Jogger.
The jogger, while built best for running/walking can often be a significant detriment if used for sports such as tennis, netball or basketball.

A tennis shoe must have a certain degree of firmness. This allows the athlete to be stable when moving from side to side on the court. Joggers, are typically made with a softer midsole to absorb the repetitive shock of running/walking. Trying to play tennis on a shoe like this is like trying to balance on a giant marshmallow, you’d find it very difficult to change direction without injuring yourself.

Tennis shoes will generally have an upper that is slightly less forgiving in preference of providing a firmer, more secure hold on the foot. The jogger does not need to lock the foot in for side-to-side movements and thus a jogger upper is generally very light and breathable as this is most important for running.

So since shoes are designed to protect the foot and enhance performance, we always recommend footwear that is specific to the activity that you are doing.

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