3 exercise tips for better balance

15 December 2022

Balance and proprioception training is a great way to help improve your stability over the uneven terrain when walking or hiking. Balance exercises are great to increase our range of movement and strength to help our coordination and stability through a hike whether it be on flat, uneven surfaces or hill walking.

A few simple movements we can do to train our bodies for better balance are:

  1. Raising on your tippy toes two feet at a time slowly, then coming back down to the ground slowly. This will help strengthen your calf muscles and ankles for better balance when walking.
  2. Standing on one foot and try to keep still. The less you wobble the more stable you are.
  3. Standing on one foot and then trying to bend the knee for a small squat. This is a more advanced exercise and works many muscles, however if you are going on a long hike or training for an event – this is a must!

Click here for a demonstration of some balance exercises.