Beach walking

13 December 2022

A long walk on the beach sounds so relaxing, right? Well maybe not for your feet and legs! Walking barefoot on the beach is actually really difficult for our feet to cope with.

The terrain is completely uneven and unpredictable, and if that wasn’t a challenge enough, it also changes underfoot once we stand on it! The feet need to readjust constantly to ensure we stay upright!

The major muscles in our lower legs are having to work overtime to support the feet and ankles; and the tiny intrinsic muscles in the soles of our feet can quickly get fatigued and easily injured.

Here are three ways you can reduce the risk of injury from beach walking and continue to enjoy the serenity of it!

1 – Walk on the harder sand rather than the softer sand for more stability.

2 – Wear your running shoes or arch support thongs.

3 – Stretch your calf muscles before and after a walk on the sand.

Look after your feet on the beach to ensure you enjoy many more walks!