Benefits of Injinji toe socks

24 November 2022

Injinji socks are a technical sock best known for their individual 5-toe sock design. They are designed and manufactured to assist with keeping your feet comfortable and safe when active.

They do this in several ways:

  • Moisture wicking  – the fibres used in manufacturing draw moisture away from the skin keeping it from becoming warm but also helps to keep the skin dry from perspiration.
  • Blister management – the seamless and form-fitting design of the socks reduces friction against the skin which can cause blistering.
  • Top lock around the ankle – this gentle elasticated top band prevents the socks from slipping down.
  • Support – different weaves of the fabric in different zones helps the foot to feel supported just where its needed.
  • Cushioning – having each toe encapsulated with thin but cushioned fabric helps to keep the toes from rubbing against one another and can also help to keep them aligned if toe deformities aren’t too severe.

They may look strange but try a pair in the clinic today and you will probably be converted!