Orthotic remake or refurbish?

28 October 2022


As with most things in life, the more we use them the more they need looking after.

The same is for our feet!

If you have an orthotic and you haven’t had it reviewed for a while, you may be missing out on small changes that can be made to keep your feet healthy and functioning well.


This is when your orthotic is no longer supporting your foot, which could be due to a variety of reasons. You may have had other injuries since your orthotic was made or you may have compressed the materials (totally normal!).

New technology is developed so quickly these days that it just might be a matter of you wishing for an upgraded device. You are not alone with this! Many of our patients update their orthotic regularly for the reason of having a fresh new feel with modern materials.


This is where your orthotic is still structurally sound and you are not in any discomfort, but may need replacement of the wedging, domes or padding that is on the orthotic. This type of material can compress quicker than the actual shell of the custom orthotic device and can be easily refurbished for you.

In some cases, the small price of a refurbishment can give your orthotic another year or two before a replacement may be required, and you will feel like your feet have a new lease of life!


Your orthotic is still structurally sound, under 3 years old and doesn’t have any wedging, domes or padding to be replaced…just needs a new cover!

The sweat from our feet and the pressure from constant wear can sometimes wear down the cover faster than the wear of the actual orthotic device.

If your podiatrist reviews your orthotic and gives you the thumbs up that it is working effectively in your shoes, then we may just need a replacement cover. If this is the case, the cover IS ON THE HOUSE!

That’s right! We will complimentary recover any of Stepping Out Podiatry’s custom orthotics if they are under 3 years old and don’t require any other adjustments.


Contact our admin through the website or call us to make an appointment with our podiatrists and discuss what “R” is right for you.