Heel Pain – This Could Work For You…

19 May 2022

Here we talk around how Shockwave Therapy helps heel pain.

When you have heel pain you feel terrible.  Shoes are uncomfortable, walking is uncomfortable and you just can’t do the everyday tasks as fast as you usually do.  You are always thinking about the pain in your heel!

So how does getting Shockwave treatment help you?

Shockwave Therapy stimulates the healing process in your heel at a cellular level.

Initially the treatment will give you an alagesic affect which will decrease your pain.  Then because the shockwaves stimulate more blood flow to the area your injured tissue around your heel will start to mend itself. 

You will need to combine strapping your foot and protective cushioned footwear along with the treatment, however within 3 treatments of shockwave most people are walking around feeling better!

Studies have shown 2 main benefits of Shockwave treatment in regards to heel pain:

  • The shockwaves appear to alter perception of pain. Studies have found the pain appears to settle after a few days after treatment.
  • Shockwave stimulates a natural healing response in the tissue. Microtrauma from the shockwave result in your body releasing factors necessary for healing of the tissue.

Call our practice and ask to speak to one of our podiatrists around shockwave therapy and if it therapy can help you!