Orthotic Wear In Instructions

17 May 2022

  1. Wear your orthotics in gradually. Don’t expect to go for a 5Km run the first day as your feet and body need to get used to them first.
  2. Increase the wear in time until they are comfortable to wear all day.
  3. You can exercise in your orthotics once you can wear them day to day without discomfort. If you start exercising in them for a prolonged time too early you may get blistering in the arch or heel areas. If this happens contact your Podiatrist.
  4. Your muscles in your feet, legs and lower back take time to adapt and may ache during the wearing in period. This ache should never increase to pain, so if you are wearing your orthotics and are in any pain, contact your Podiatrist.
  5. No pain. Contact your Podiatrist if they is any pain.
  6. Specific instructions. Your Podiatrist may give you specific instructions for your orthotic as everyone has individual needs. Please follow these carefully and contact the clinic if you have any concerns.