Heel Pain Sufferers Must Read This!

9 May 2022

Three essential heel pain treatment tips.

If your feet are unhappy, you are most likely feeling unhappy too…

Stepping Out Podiatry love helping your feet feel great again.  Heel pain is one of the most common complaints we treat and we help feet get better every day. 

The heel is designed to absorb the shock of the ground and to provide an anchor point for many muscles and tendons of the leg and the arch of the foot.

Three essential heel pain treatment tips are:

  1. Never go without shoes.  If your heel is inflamed, then you need cushioning under your heel at all times. Arch support thongs are great around the house and running shoes are the most supportive during the day.
  2. Start supporting the foot.  Supporting the arch will take pressure away from the heel.  This will then give the heel a chance to start getting better.  Three great supports for the heel are running shoes (arch support and cushioning), strapping the foot (supports the injured muscles and tendons) and prescription orthotic devices (improves any contributing structural problem in the foot that shoes and strapping can’t do and starts the healing process).
  3. Reduce the inflammation.  By reducing the inflammation, you reduce the pain and increase the movement in the foot again.  Ice works with acute injuries, as do anti-inflammatories.  Shockwave therapy is proven to work at a cellular level to heal and get movement back into the joints.

Every step you take on an injured foot requires the body to compensate which can lead to secondary injuries to the knee, hip and lower back.

The longer you put it off, the longer it may take to resolve your pain, so pick up the phone and book and appointment at a time that suits you this week. 

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