3 Reasons Why You Have Heel Pain…

9 May 2022

Heel pain is one of the most common problems we treat at Stepping Out Podiatry.

There are 3 common reasons why people experience heel pain.

  1. Lack of cushioning.  This can be due to:
    • incorrect footwear for your feet or a particular sport / activity;
    • your shoes being too worn and the shock absorption materials in the sole of the shoe have compressed,
    • going barefoot too regularly.
  2. Calf muscle tightness and / or weakness. 
    • When your calf muscle is tight your ankle is restricted in how much it can flex up and down.  As a result, the heel lifts earlier when walking and increases tension in the arch structures attached to the heel. When the calf muscles are weak they are not able to support these arch structures as efficiently and as result they can be over-worked.
  3. Arch collapse. 
    • If the foot is rolling in too much or you have a very low arch height, this can strain the muscles of the foot and also over-work the plantar fascia structure in the arch which attaches to the heel bone. 

An accurate diagnosis of your heel pain is essential so you can be treated correctly saving you time, money and stress. Most importantly, a firm diagnosis will mean your treatment plan is the most appropriate and you will get results faster!!

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