Heel Pain. Not always what you think.

10 May 2021

Most people in their life will experience some sort of foot pain, and heel pain is one of the most common foot pain we see.

What is also common, is misdiagnosis of heel pain.

This is generally due to people receiving poor information from google searches, non-qualified health professionals, or over-the-fence neighbourhood talk.

One of the main diagnosis of heel pain is a condition called plantar fasciitis. Because it is one of the main causes, I feel people get misdiagnosed with this condition without a proper assessment.

Health professionals are not spending the time to find out WHY you have heel pain, so many people get lumped into the same treatment regimes and wonder why there proposed treatment hasn’t solved their problem.

This is a list of other possible reasons for your heel pain:

  1. Nerve entrapment
  2. Fat pad deterioration
  3. Bone spur
  4. Fracture
  5. Muscle tears
  6. Arthritis
  7. Achilles pain
  8. Other bone malignancies
  9. Growth plate inflammation (in kids)
  10. Callous
  11. Corns
  12. Wart

Each of those diagnosis above require different treatments to properly heal the condition, so why do some practitioners give the same treatments to people WITHOUT a thorough assessment the area first?

I know for sure that if I had pain in the heel, I would want to go to a foot expert.

I would not want someone giving me exercises to strengthen my arch, if I actually had a fracture or I just needed a change in footwear.

Podiatrists heel heals.