Using Technology to Reach Your Running Goals

29 April 2021

Are you a runner?

Do you use Strava?

Have you had a history of injuries or niggles that have prevented or slowed you from reaching your goals?

Well its time! It is time to see us at Stepping Out Podiatry for your smart innersole assessment.

What is a smart innersole?

A smart innersole is an innersole that has loads of motion capture sensors that detect foot, ankle, leg and hip movement. At Stepping Out Podiatry we use the latest in motion capture technology – Podosmart – to accurately assess your running and walking gait.

The advantage of this technology is it provides as with specific data points that can be compared with future assessments to demonstrate changes and improvement in running patterns.

Podosmart also allows us to remove any set up issues as we can just put the insoles in your shoes and begin the assessment. This can then be repeated in the same manner under the same conditions provide accurate and repeatable data.

What does this mean for you as a runner?

Well it means we can provide you with the data that will allow us to provide you with ways to improve performance and reduce injury risk before it happens.

So the real question is when should I be assessed?

Well there is no better time then now! If you are increasing or changing your training habits or just beginning, now is the time to review your running gait and training loads to reduce the frustration or injury or delays to your goal.