Knee Pain vs Flat Feet

29 April 2021

Knee pain can be caused from all sorts of mechanical issues with ligaments, wear and tear and injury. But have you ever thought that your knee pain could be caused by your feet?

When you think about it…it does make a lot of sense. Your feet are connected to your ankles, which are connected to your knees, which are connected to your hips and lower back…all the way up to your neck.

So if your feet are not straight – therefore if your feet roll inwards too much or roll outwards too much – then your legs will do the same. If your arches in your feet have collapsed toward the ground – therefore flat feet – then your whole foot will roll inwards, along with your ankles. As your leg is attached to your ankle – then your leg rolls in as well directly affecting the knee joint.

When the knee joint is not straight (therefore pointing inwards or pointing outwards) then the kneecap (patella) does not track properly when walking. This can cause you to experience pain on the inside of the knee (medially) or most commonly causes pain just below the kneecap, where a thick tendon called the Patella Tendon, joins the kneecap to the leg bone. The rolling of the foot twists the leg and causes this tendon to inflame.

Solution: Stop the foot from rolling inwards and build up muscle strength around the knees.

The best solution to prevent knee pain if the feet are the cause, is Orthotic therapy, good footwear and strengthening the leg muscles.

Orthotics control foot motion and correct foot posture therefore affecting the alignment of the leg.

Super soft materials can be layered on top of a custom prescription orthotic device so that it will be heaven to walk on and relieve that knee pain before it gets worse.

Foot and leg posture of a person with flat feet and anterior knee pain. Note the rolling in at the ankles leading to low arch profile.
Feet and leg aligned with Custom Orthotic Device. Note the straighter position of the legs and feet.