Does the way I walk cause my heel pain?

29 April 2021

In short – yes…yes it absolutely can.

Heel pain is caused from a lot of different things.

One main thing that people overlook (not us Podiatrists 🙂 ) is the connection between how your hips, legs, ankles and feet move together when you walk, and the injuries that you get.

Can heel pain be caused from the way you walk?


When our heel strikes the ground when we walk- the position it strikes the ground (the inside of your heel, center of your heel or outside of your heel) is determined mostly by how your hip and leg move through the swing phase of gait (the movement between when your toes leave the ground to when your heel hits the ground again in a normal walking pattern). So, whatever your hip or leg is doing, THE FOOT NEEDS TO COMPENSATE FOR THIS.

If your leg in rolling in, causing your foot to roll in, then there will be a lot of pressure on your heel. This can cause a condition called Plantar Fasciitis, which is inflammation at the heel. It can also cause nerve entrapments, arch pain, aggravation of arthritis in the foot and Achilles Tendon problems.

Custom orthotics usually sort out the alignment issues and you will feel fabulous again, however this is a short and a long term solution. You also need to reduce the inflammation which correct footwear, icing, shockwave therapy and strapping can assist with.