Foot Technology

17 March 2021

Stepping Out Podiatry – The smart clinic of the future.

“Technology! Can’t live with it, can’t live without it!”

Not sure who came up with this one but its definitely not something I can agree with when it comes to achieving successful outcome in the clinic. Now days, technology is a big plus for patients!

Let us take a step back – as Podiatrists we rely on our hands and eyes to assess and diagnose lower limb pathology. This is a vital skill and the best practitioners will always spend time with their patients in the assessment chair and up on their feet conducting functional testing like squats, lunges, walking and running assessments. This is the core of what we do when we assess the athletic and active population.

Over the years the next step was taken and we adopted using treadmills and camcorder style video analysis systems at a very low resolution and NO SLOW MOTION. This did accelerate our ability to study, assess and diagnoses structural abnormalities and technique issues.

However this was a small step forward and the poor resolution and quality of images and slow turn over of evidence based research in using technology turned many practitioners back to their beginnings conducting visual gait assessment without treadmills and cameras. This middle step of camera and motion capture technology couldn’t yet accurately and reliably record consistent data and this is a BIG PROBLEM.

Podiatry is a science and we conduct EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINCE. This means we test and assess for the best treatment pathway in a short term to create the best solution long term.

So why do I not agree with the opening statement? Because NOW we have access to technology that is reliable and specific.

At Stepping Out Podiatry our patient examination now includes placing tiny computer devices – MOTION DETECTION INNERSOLES – in our patients shoes to analysis specific motions of the hip, knee and foot movements during a normal walking assessment. Our technology “PODOsmart Digital Smart Insoles” provides accurate data by recording your foot motion during gait using technology called “accelerometers” – tiny computers devices that assess angles and movement.

PODOsmart has changed the way we treat because now we can provide accurate repeatable assessments of a patient and create data points that can show us clearly what the next step needs to be in our treatment. This technology also lets us show our patients improvement in their biomechanics post treatment.

Dr Scott Greenbank (Podiatrist)