Don’t Be Fooled By Good Marketing

3 March 2021


You need to know the truth…

I am really disappointed to hear that many of the public are being drawn into some businesses that claim they can solve their foot and leg pain problems without being professionally trained.  That’s right.  These people do not have a Podiatry degree and therefore they are certainly not foot experts.   So why do they make these ridiculous statements about curing your foot and leg pain?

Because they can.

They are not regulated by the health industry.  Therefore they are not recognised as a health expert.  They are just good at marketing a product.

Anyone these day can sell “arch supports”.  There is no law against that.

However what the public do not get informed on is that arch supports are not in the same category as “custom orthotic devices”.  To put it bluntly, it is like getting a pair of magnifying glasses from the service station and claiming them as prescription glasses – and then being charged twice the price for them.

That’s right.  These companies are charging the unsuspecting public twice the price for an arch support than a professionally trained foot expert (Podiatrist) would charge you for a custom made orthotic device that is specifically made to realign your feet after a thorough hip to toe assessment.

The marketing with these companies is so good, that people are willing to pay twice the price and also be ok with not being able to claim ANY of the money back from a Health Fund, Medicare or DVA.  There is a reason that you can’t claim on these arch supports – because they are not a medical device prescribed by a Podiatrist. 

Only in a Podiatry clinic can you claim on custom orthotic devices.  For good reason.

There are multiple medical reasons why you could be having heel pain or leg pain, or why your legs get tired from standing, or why you are getting numbness in your feet.  These answers come easily to trained professionals as that is what we are – trained. 

Anyone can sell you a product.

But if you actually want to spend money on something that will fix your pain, then you have a choice.

A qualified Foot Dr vs a store with good marketing.

If you have spare cash to burn and you don’t care about the outcome, then this is not the article for you.  But if you actually want advice on how to fix your pain and get back to living an active life, then you are not going to get that result at a retail store.

It’s your choice – but you needed to know the truth.