The Morning Pain Phenomena AKA Heel Pain

25 February 2021

This may sound like an odd title, but this is how I refer to a common foot condition known as Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain), which is inflammation of the soft tissues on the bottom of the foot near the heel.

There are many reasons why this soft tissue can be pulling at the heel bone, and when it does occur, even if the tear is only slight, the damage will start to heal itself when rested – much like any other injury.

The longer you rest the more healing takes place, but without proper treatment and support it can easily be re-torn when you stand up, which is exactly what happens when you get out of bed in the morning.

As soon as your foot hits the ground and takes your body weight, the soft tissues re-tear and you will unexpectedly get an intense pain under the heel. This also occurs if you sit for long periods of time.  

The pain occurs most often in the heel because the soft tissues are trying to re-attach to the heel bone.

As soon as you get warmed up the pain decreases and, in some cases, goes away all together, especially in the early stages.

It’s important to note that no matter how good it feels once it is warmed up, without proper treatment, when you rest, then stand up again, you will be re-tearing the soft tissue and creating more inflammation.

The amount of pain you get will be based on how long you rest, which is why mornings are so much worse.

There is no magic pill to cure Heel Pain.  The cause’s of Heel Pain range from internal (structural alignment and biomechanics) to external (footwear or job description) which is why treatment with a Podiatrist is so important – because we are the foot doctors and the foot is what we’re experts at treating.

The longer you go without treatment the worse the feeling becomes and in some cases, the longer the treatment to recovery.  If a large heel spur develops, it can press on nerves at the bottom of the heel causing even more pain, which you do not want.

Based on your symptoms and history your Podiatrist can easily put a treatment plan in place to fix the problem once and for all and the next time you have morning pain, it will only be because it’s not the weekend yet!