Senior Podiatrist Scott Greenbank talks you through some foot questions you may be thinking and also some foot myths!

I can’t run!

“I can’t beat my PB!” “I suck at running!” “Running HURTS!” All such everyday comments that come to me in clinic and these are all everyday things that can be FIXED! Have you ever considered a running assessment? If you want to change a habit, get stronger, faster or build skill you need to look at the smaller elements that may be contributing to why you can’t achieve your goals. The HARD part is how do you do this with running. HERE COMES THE NERDS AND TECHNOLOGY. At Stepping Out Podiatry our podiatrist are RUNNING NERDS using the latest in running assessment technology such as BIOMECTRIC AND ANATOMICAL MOTION CAPTURE paired with GROUND FORCE ANALYSIS, we have the skills to help you achieve you running goals. WAIT! What does all the techno-nerd lingo mean? Well biometric and anatomical motion capture is conducted under high speed video gait using body markers that measure the angles and distances that your body travels through during running. This can help assess you cadence, stride length and much more. Ground force analysis allows us to measure the force you produce during each step and how you the force is applied to the body. This can allow us to assess what footwear best suits your needs and also rehabilitate you back from injury by capturing loading faults in measurable and reassess able data. Technology is incredible and it is now allowing as to bring people back from injury faster and keep people running longer. Don’t be De-FEETED! Book your running gait assessment NOW!

Gym Phobia?

“I can’t lift that!”, such a common thing to hear in the clinic. Well let’s examine how strong you need to be to achieve YOUR GOAL! It is becoming clear that strength and conditioning it vital to a healthy body and mind. Recent research has explored resistance training in elderly populations to manage cardiovascular fitness as well as strength whilst also been found to benefit brain function. All these amazing results are the result of how resistance training stimulates the brain and muscles. So when I hear “ I can’t lift that’ or “I am too old for the gym” I think NOT! Our bodies need this type of training to stay healthy. Many soft tissues like tendons LOVE to be loaded, it is their natural state. The Achilles Tendon is a great example. Located at the back of the heel and leg it is the BIGGEST tendon and STRONGEST tendon in the body but also a very common injury we see as PODIATRISTS. So by loading these tendons in specific ways through conditioning programs we can help these tissue return to normal, healthy states. For running it is common to see calf injuries and knee pain which is normally associated with poor muscle activation and condition. These are not hard things to fix. Normally a well-planned conditioning program which can be done at home or in the gym can help load these tendons and muscle back to health. So do not be scared off by THE GYM or the idea of resistance training and lifting weights, it really may be the BEST thing you to stay healthy in more ways than one. Don’t be De-FEETED! Book your PodoSmart “Smart Innersole Technology” assessment NOW!

My favourite shoe!

This is not such a simple question anymore with so many companies producing such brilliant off the shelf footwear. Personally I do not have ONE shoe I love but rather I look for what features the shoe may bring to the client. Now we can talk all day about the difference features and how they provide rearfoot control and natural motion or cushioning but in the end it comes down to ONE THING!…….WHAT FEELS THE BEST TO YOU. I always try to give my clients a few different shoes to try on with different features and then ask them to pick which is best and then shoes them different brands with that type of feature. An example is I could option a supportive shoe, neutral and a controlling shoe. You choose the controlling shoe as the most comfortable. I would then move to step 2 and give you a controlling option in Brooks, Nike, Asics, Mizuno and so on. (There is so many shoes I am not going to list them all, we will be here all day) Then you pick which feels the best I assess they provide you with what you need and we all go home happy. I think this is a simplified what to approach footwear for most people. Some people want the TECH but most people just want what is most comfortable and looks SEXY! I have a few tips I use that have worked for me. For the older age bracket I have found MINIMALIST shoes can cause this group some trouble due to low padding and their bodies not able to regenerate like they used to. In saying this it is not impossible to transition some people. For this age group I like TRADITIONAL shoe models like Asics Kayanno, Brooks Glycerin or New Balance 1280 as just a few examples. HOKA also make a handy long distance trainer to off set plantar forces while pounding pavement. In the younger age bracket we do see the NEW trendy and TECH based shoes can really create those advantages to break PB’s and get those wins. Though in saying this the carbon fibre shanked shoe that creates a spring may not be the only shoe you want. CHANGE IT UP have two or three pairs you can rotate. This will stop you shoes from bottoming out and the materials FAILING and keep that spring in your step. So have a look at your shoes and through away the old and rotate the new, TRY something different, at least at the store because the market is changing and you do not want to miss out on the best RIDE YOU EVER HAD!

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